P*N’s PC Weekly News Recap for Feb 7th-14th

Sorry the 2nd edition of the PC News Recap is a bit late but at least this week had some great announcements . Click the “Read More” link to read about everything that has happened.

Hardware News

-Intel Prepares 32nm Chips

Intel is preparing 32nm Core i7’s for release in Q4 this year. The new chips, codenamed Westmere, will also come with 45nm integrated graphics and memory controller chips. Of course a smaller chip means less energy used and heat produced and Intel plans to crank out these new 32nm chips with their 2-year plan to invest $7 billion in US factories. Part of these costs include upgrading machinery and fabrication in existing US factories as well as hiring 7,000 more engineers.

Antec Announces New PSU Form Factor

Antec has announced the new CP-series PSU’s (Power Supply Units) that will use a new form factor yet to be seen in the PC industry. While no pictures have been revealed, Antec claims these new PSU’s will allow higher airflow and better efficiency.


Nvidia took a hard hit last quarter of the 09 fiscal year, reporting that they only made 481 million, a 60% drop from 08 resulting in a net loss of $147 million and a 16% drop in yearly profit as well. Even with this large loss it seems Nvidia may be investing in the CPU market; if a rumor from The Inquirer is to be believed. The Inquirer claims Nvidia has acquired a team to make a x86 processor even though they have yet to obtain a license to produce one, a license hard to come by seeing as Intel certainly wont be granting them one. Nvidia has been marketing the GPGPU (General Purpose Graphics Processing Unit) as a platform for the last couple of years so seeing them move into the CPU market is certainly a odd move to make.

Nvidia is also rolling out new drivers for their Mobile graphics cards. The 2nd driver release adds CUDA support to 8m and 9m series cards while enhancing general performance on all cards which now includes 7 series cards for the first time.

And you may think that the GPU market consists only of AMD and Nvidia but the smaller firm S3 has released a new graphics card this week. The Chrome 540 GTX brings DX10.1 support and high-def playback to desktops for only $70 by combining the ChromotionHD processing engine with a 850mhz core to remove strain from the CPU and leave video decoding up to the GPU.

Game News

-New Steam Games:

Ubisoft and Codemasters have added games to their Steam catalog, the highlights being Splinter Cell Double Agent, DiRT, and Toca Race Driver 3 (which you can get cheaper this week from, see next section for details).


Seems like Everyones having a sale this week on one game or another. Steam’s weekend sale is 50% off Left 4 Dead, making the excellent coop zombie shooter only $25. has Fallout 3 for $33 and Warhammer: Online for $40. also has all their racing games 15% off when you use the code RACING15.

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