iPhone App of the Week: Sheepish

Game: Sheepish

Genre: Puzzle

Developer: Pixelthis

Players: 1


Rating: 4+


Sheepish is a Puzzle game that was released on the iPhone by Pixelthis Limited. It is the very first game released by Pixelthis for the iPhone. It includes tons of gameplay for just $3.99.

In sheepish you have to guide you sheep through the level using contraptions such as pipes, and trampolines. You are awarded medals based on how long it takes you to get you sheep through the level. The levels feature obstacles such as rocks, and gates that you have to jump over or go around. Each levels is represented by a dot on you map. The map includes 4 islands that you will have to cross to get to the end.

If you finish certain levels with a Gold medal you will unlock additional levels. Some levels will already have some pipes, trampolines, or levers already placed that you will have to use to get through the level.  Sometimes you will have to navagate more than one sheep to the end of the level.

Sheepish is a great game because it offers so much content for such a small price. It is a very good looking game, it has lush levels, crisp artwork, and even a good looking map. Sheepish ramped up the difficulty at a pace that was perfect. It was never to frustrating, but it was never to easy either.

It was mostly problem free too. A few of the levels were almost impossible to figure out without just running you sheep through and seeing what happened, but other than that I really didn’t notice anything bad. It would have been nice to have a few more devices to play with but that is really just a nit-pick.

Bottom line Sheepish is a good game, and you should go and buy it to support Good “not free” games on the App Store. If all we ever get is free apps then the quality will eventually diminish.

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