TQcast Episode 55

TQcast EP55 (2:00) Are you Jocking TQ?

  • TQcast confronts Game Saver “Infectedpb503″
  • Why is everybody hating on the PS3?
  • Why games and movies combined makes 59.99 affordable
  • Blu-Ray starting to prove it’s potential
  • Flower Impressions
  • Little Big Planet is a must!
  • Bejewled addiction
  • Juice makes Level 5 finally !
  • Cachaca 51 makes it’s TQ debut
  • Natalie Martinez or Rachel McAdams?
  • All that, plus your video games, movies, album, and drink tip of the week, and of course much much mO!
  • ***VIP*** PS3 Wireless Keypad winner announced!
  • ***VIP*** TQfam of the month for January announced!

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