Burnout DLC Justified….”Criterion is ROCK n ROLL!!”twitter

The Hunter Manhattan Spirit (Ghostbusters’s Ecto 1), Hunter Cavalry Bootlegger (The Dukes of Hazzard’s General Lee) and Carson GT Nighthawk (Knight Rider’s KITT) will be available this week for $1.99 this Thursday, February 19th. As will the Jensen 88 Special (Back to the Future’s DeLorean) but at a higher price tag of $3.99. The entire four-car bundle will be available for the cheaper price of $7.99.

Yes, those are the prices of Criterions new Burnout DLC due this week. And guess what even with all the free shit they have given us cheap ass mo-foes are still complaining about this price. So I dug into my Criterion contacts to see why this was going to be offered at such a steep price? Here is the answer I got “We here at Criterion know what you want, and we are prepared to give it to you. You must realize that in doing so we are pissing off a bunch of Hollywood types and we expect to get our Asses sued. We don’t care. Because we are fucking Rock n Roll…. but, we still have to feed our families and the extra little cost will help us pay for legal fees. So please don’t be lil bitches and go buy our DLC.” I don’t know about you guys but that answer was good enough for me..Burnout DLC consider yourself bought!

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  • snakeman555

    That was beautiful, it makes me love Criterion even more. I love it when companies come out and tell you haw it is. Like EA’s statement about Activision, over the Brutal Legend Lawsuit. “a husband abandoning his family and then suing after his wife meets a better looking guy.”

  • I haven’t even unlocked half the cars in the game yet, why would I buy more?

  • The General Lee is awesome, can’t wait to get it!