KRAZY KRAMER Ideas #2: Domestic Violence

I want to start off by saying I am NOT a hardcore “Family Guy” fan.  Truth be told, I don’t even find the show very funny.  But I will concede they do certain things extremely well.  Topping that list would have to be their animated brawls.  For a show where the characters don’t have an amazing range of movement and there are major height/size discrepancies between many of the characters, the fight scenes that take place are entertaining and extremely creative, taking advantage of not only each character’s unique personalities/attributes but also the violent possibilities each environment offers.  Taking that into account, I think a “Family Guy” fighting game could be spectacular. Here’s the way I see it playing out:

The Griffin family (Peter, Lois, Stewey, Meg, Chris, Bryan) are obvious additions, as are Peter’s drinking buddies (Cleveland, Joe, Quagmire [eew]).  But the sheer size of the family guy universe gives us a large cast of regular guest stars and offers great possibilities when it comes to unlockable characters.  Here are my top choices:
*Adam West (alternate costume: Adam West dressed as TV batman)
*The Evil Monkey (Chris’ nemesis)
*The Chicken (from what is perhaps the most famous Family Guy fight)
*The No-Legged Pirate
*Chris as Luke Skywalker

Environment/movement mechanics:
Side-scrolling “street fighter” style games are a time honored tradition, but I’m not sure that would be the best route to take.  I think I’d prefer to see this game set in a depth-of-field side-scrolling environment a la Double Dragon.  I don’t think it should go the “Simpsons” arcade route of being an “our family against the world” brawler (although that was a fantastic game which NEEDS TO BE ON XBLA along with X-men and Sunset Riders), but I think that foreground-to-background movement can allow the characters to make better use of the environment…but with the necessary left-to-right finite boundaries that will allow programmers to develop the depth of each stage and the interactive qualities therein.
I have a few ideas for fighting stages, but I’m sure there are people out there who can suggest better:
*The Griffin House–start off in the living room, other areas accessible by (Mortal Combat style) slamming an opponent through the floor into the basement, throwing them through the door into the kitchen, throwing them through the ceiling into the bedrooms/attic.
*The Drunken Clam
*The local newsdesk television studio, complete with a shocked Trisha Takanawa in the background.
*The gas station where Chris works.

One-on-one battles are the obvious route to go with a game like this, but anyone who’s seen the episode where the Griffins have an all-out battle royal in the family living room will probably agree with me that this game could greatly benefit from a variant that allows more than two characters to be on the screen at once.  I think an N64 wrestling game-style targeting system (WCW v. NwO, Wrestlemania 2000, WWF No Mercy…attempted with meager success on “Def Jam: Vendetta” for PS2/gamecube) perhaps using the D-Pad on the Xbox/PS3 controller to scroll between enemies and highlight them with a colored arrow on their head could be a good direction.  Keeping that in mind, however, I don’t think this should be a wrestling game.  I think throws should be an option, but not the bread-and-butter they tend to be on wrestling games.  Primary combat should derive from striking combos, finding items (lamps, picture frames, furniture) to strike enemies with,  and using fixed environmental elements to hurt enemies (throwing them through windows/walls, smacking their heads against lighting fixtures/chandeliers, slamming their heads in doors).  Perhaps achievements/trophies could be gained by discovering embedded comedic combos (like in PSN’s “Pain”) that either require a creative use of the environment or knowledge of some of the show’s previous gags.

If you’re still reading at this point, stop reading and find something better to do.  Sorry for wasting your time.  Feel free to leave a comment and call me a doody head.

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