RE5 Proves Blu-Ray Game/Movie combo packs will succeed

I love any type of HD content, whether it’s downloadable, streamed or an HD-DVD or Blu-Ray. And without a doubt I’m proud to be a Blu-Ray player owner thanks to my PS3. On TQcast EP55 we talk about the possibilities of having a Blu-Ray and game mashed together on one Blu-Ray. And we discuss how easy this would be for Sony since a Blu-Ray disc can fit up to 50GB of data, how soon can we start seeing this trend? Well, coincidentally a user on the Capcom-Unity forums asked what the resolution and format would be for the upcoming Resident Evil 5 bonus disc packed on the collector’s edition of the game. And this is what Christian Svensson Corporate Officer/VP of Strategic Planning & Business Development of Capcom had to say:

Here is the answer:

On 360 – it is a bonus DVD – standard DVD resolution

On PS3 – it is a bonus Blu-Ray Disc – yes, the content is HD on this disc.

The Dark keeps looking better and better everyday, 1080p all day!

Big Ups to community for finding this info!

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