5 PS3 games to compliment your new PS3

So you finally crossed to the dark side right before the much anticipated KillZone 2 release. Or maybe you are waiting for your tax return to finally make the plunge to the dark side. What ever the case may be, you will need some top notch games to compliment your brand new PS3 console.

Check out TQcast’s top five games, that should have the honor to be played on your brand new PS3 before any others.

5. Burnout Paradise

Only reason why Burnout is number 5, is due to the fact that it is the only non-exclusive title on this list, but never the less, Burnout Paradise is a title that all PS3 owners should own. Think of a racing game mixed with Grand Theft Auto, everything goes! Incredible replay value on both on/off line. Video

4. Uncharted

When playing. Uncharted: Drakes Fortune you will quickly see and be reminded of Tomb Raider the male version. This game in every way is better, more entertaining, and drop dead gorgeous. For that reason, Uncharted feels very refreshing and a true reason to own a PS3. TQ Review

3. Little Big Planet

Whether its with your kids, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, friends, lover; you will definitely enjoy the delightful and unique feel of little big planet. Play the games’ levels, friends’ levels, or share your own created levels with the world. A game that will be supported for a long time to come, due to its downloadable content and self created levels. Video

2. Pixel Junk Monsters

No question about it, Pixel Junk Monsters in TQ opinion is the best PSN game to date, heck it was 08 TQGame of the year. Nothing is more addicting and satisfying  than destroying happy looking monsters, and collection their pay-off coins to upgrade and buy new defense towers.  With it’s recent trophy update, the game reached a new level of fun and worthy.  Fun for all! Video

1. Metal Gear Solid 4:Guns of the Patriots

Metal Gear Solid 4 not only makes owning a PS3 a glorious thing, but it will make you propose to your PS3 without alcohol or demented Vegas influences. All love baby! MGS4 is Epic, a must own, a must experience, an attempt of gaming/cinematic experience that actually worked! TQ Review

And Obviously look out for KILLZONE 2 Feb 27

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  • Ill have to go back to PJM, i just cant get into it. If they would just port DTD to every system i would be happy, best TD game IMO.

    Cant wait for KZ2, demo was promising.