New iPhone app: Segment

 The Tennessee based development studio who brought us ThumbStruck are serving up a new game called Segment. Segment is essentially one of those slider picture puzzles you would play with as a kid, with a few added twists. Keep an eye out for an upcoming review.

February 19, 2009, Memphis, Tennessee, RESOLUTE Games Corp., the company that created the innovative game play of ThumStruck, presents Segment, a 4X4 puzzler where players race against the clock to win gold, silver, and bronze medals. These medals are saved to the player’s Camera Roll, where they can show them off as trophies.

“There are a lot of 4X4 puzzles out there, but this one is different,” says CEO Chris Przybyszewski. “Segment is not an easy game, but it is an addictive, fun game that is always going to be challenging.”

What makes the game hard? The rumble timer is always moving, and when it reaches zero, a 2×2 quadrant of the puzzle gets shuffled, slowing the player’s progress and adding a new level of challenge. NOTE: An update will allow players to switch the rumble timer on and off.

Segment comes with four pictures from RESOLUTE Games Corp.’s artists. You can also choose to solve a picture from your own Camera Roll. The chosen picture gets segmented into a 4×4 slide puzzle that players solve by tapping squares into the right location.

Set to a beautiful acoustic guitar theme written and performed by the American Guitar Institute, Segment is perfect for a three-minute challenge, anywhere you go.

RESOLUTE Games Corp. is an independent developer of iPhone games and non-game applications. This year, RESOLUTE looks to publish seven games, multiple apps, and to move into the Android Store.

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