Noby Noby Boy & Yakuza 3 Demo Highlight the PSN Update for 2/19/09


Another week comes and another PlayStation Network Update comes along with it!  This week, like two weeks ago, the big highlight comes in the form of a demo that is only available in the non-US PlayStation Store, but more on the  later.


First up we will go through the what was released in the US PlayStation Store as we were graced with two downloadable games this week.

Zuma, from Pop Cap Games, was released for $9.99.


This is a favorite on the Xbox 360 of Trixie360’s, everybody’s favorite Microsoft employee, and is a classic puzzler that every gamer should own on at least one console!  Unfortunately it was released at $9.99 on the PSN and is, currently, only $5 on the Xbox 360.  This is something to keep on eye on as Feeding Frenzy 2 and Heavy Weapon are also scheduled to come to the PSN, but if at a higher cost then on the Xbox 360 will they be as big of a success on the PSN?  Only time will tell!

Also the highly anticipated, completely unknown title of  Noby Noby Boy was released today and comes in at a price of $4.99!  This is a PSN exclusive and if you are not sure exactly what the point of the game is don’t worry!  Neither does the creator!  Check out the video below and if you like innovative, independent games pick up Noby Noby Boy.

As for the Game Add-ons that were released today we do have some interesting content.

I think we all knew that the Legendary Car Pack for Burnout Paradise was going to be released; $7.99 for all four new cars.  But did you know another add-on for Burnout Paradise was released?  This add-on seems like it should be a little more controversial then just paying for car skins but I have not heard much about it.  The Burnout Paradise Time Savers Pack will run gamers $4.99 and unlock all cars in Burnout Paradise.  EA has been know for doing this with its Need for Speed, Tiger Woods and Skate series but this was completely unexpected for Burnout Paradise!

Also release in the Game Add-on section is: Street Fighter IV Brawler Costume Pack ($3.99), Skate 2 Dyrdek’s Fantasy Plaza Pack ($4.99), NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM Pack 9 (free), Mirror’s Edge Pure Time Trials Map Pack ($9.99)

As for Game Videos the PSN update was not short on content there.  The highlights include: Killzone 2 first look, MLB 09 The Show – Mets Stadium, MLB 09 The Show – PS3 Trailer, MLB 09 The Show – Road to The Show, MLB 09 The Show – Yankees Stadium

Finally the Game Demos that were released today on the PSN include:  Afro Samuari and Zuma

But wait there was another!
Just as the Killzone 2 demo was released in the EU PSN for all to enjoy; if you are in Japan, or have a Japanese PSN Account, then you have the ability to download the Yakuza 3 Demo!
I have heard good things about both Yakuza and Yakuza 2 but if the current rumors are true this may be the only way for gamers in the US to get a taste of Yakuza 3. From all reports this title will not be released in the US as its prequels were, eventually.  So time to vote with your downloads!  Maybe if enough American gamers create Japanese accounts and download this demo Sega may take notice and bring the retail game to the states!  If you don’t already have a Japanese account GO MAKE ONE!  Download Yakuza 3 and let us know what you think with a comment below!

Till next week gamers!  Be sure to check out the latest TQCast and Target Demographic; both of which helped clear my name and prove that I am not a game saver!

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