Oops, Did I Do That?? Guitar Hero Forgets How To Spell

In a very idiotic move on Guitar Hero’s part, they misspelled Lynyrd Skynyrd wrong on the box art for their upcoming Guitar Hero: Metallica as shown in the picture below.

The cover has been unveiled for the anxiously awaited Guitar Hero: Metallica, and the artwork pumps up the contributions of all the bands not named Metallica featured in the game, like Judas Priest, Alice in Chains, Queen, and Lynyrd… Skynrd (check the left-center). Sadly, it seems the Southern rock heroes have lost a Y in their band name — haven’t they lost enough already? Even the (properly) misspelled Mercyful Fate get their name handled correctly, and the oft-mangled Mastodon pass the fact-checking test. It doesn’t mean that Skynyrd’s bluesy kiss-off “Tuesday’s Gone” will be any less fun to play, though.

It’s also been announced that Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister will make an appearance as an animated character in the game, so players can gargle along with “Ace of Spades” without having to see a spiky-haired punk rock caricature singing it onscreen. There are also multiple songs featuring the facepaint-loving King Diamond, so there’s even money on him making an appearance, as well.


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  • the makers of Guitar Hero shouldn’t feel too bad, it’s a miracle anyone ever spells Lynyrd Skynyrd’s name correctly