Scout Achievements Revealed

As the Scout update grows nearer, Valve is revealing more info about it everyday until its release next Tuesday, Feburary 24th. Sadly though, like previous updates it has only been confirmed for PC so far.

Earlier this week the “Sandman” bat was shown which lets the Scout pelt enemies with balls to stun them and then finish them off with some melee hits. Yesterday they said two new community maps would become official, Arena_Watchtower and CP_Junction.


Today they released the achievement list, the ones you will need to get to unlock these new weapons. Only the headings are available now, the descriptions will be given at a later date, but some of them are easy to figure out just by the name. Valve didnt just throw some clues are way though, they released concrete info on the “Bonk” energy drink, another one of the Scouts new pieces of equipment. After the Scout takes a sip of Bonk he will get a boost of speed making it easier to capture that flag or dodge enemy bullets.

Every weekday up until the release, Valve will reveal one more detail on the Scout Update page.

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