P*N’s Weekly PC News Recap for Feb 20th

This weeks update is pretty small but check out Steam’s weekend deal for a great big dose of saving.

Hardware News

-Passive Cooling BFG 9800gt
Gaming graphics cards house immense power in a tiny package but one of the problems is they generate a unbelievable amount of heat. To handle that heat most manufacturers use a fan to keep it cool but then there is the issue of noise. BFG has introduced a new 9800GT that uses a gargantuan heat sink to passively cool it. Four heat pipes connected to the GPU loop around the back of the card to a heat sink to keep it cool during game play. The downside is the card needs two additional open PCI slots above it to fit. You can pick up the BFG 9800GT Passive Cooling from Newegg for $160.


-Comcast rolls out higher speeds to majority of customers
Comcast has begun rolling out the new data transfer standard DOCSIS 3.0 which will give many of their customers faster bandwidth speeds. By the end of the year they want of have 65% of their market running on DOCSIS 3.0 allowing customers to get speeds up to 100mbps. Right now a couple major cities are running on DOCSIS with speeds of up to 50mbps. These speeds will allow Comcast to compete with Version FiOS in speed and pricing. Sadly no matter what plan you get you will still be capped at 250gb of bandwidth per month.

Game News

-More Maps to release with Team Fortress 2 Scout Update
Today Valve showed off CP_Egypt, another community map that will join the official ranks. CP_Fastlane, a earlier released map will also receive a update. Earlier this week Valve also announced Arena_Watchtower and CP_Junction will be added to TF2 as well.

-Empire Total War Demo Exclusively on Steam
The demo for the upcoming RTS Empire: Total War is now available on Steam. Scheduled for release in March, Empire: Total War puts you in the 18th century and gives you the power to dominate the land and seas. If you preorder the full game you will also get Rome Total War for free.

This week’s Steam weekend deal is the “Greatest Indie Pack“, which might be the greatest deal in a while. For $10 you can add 5 indie games to your steam list, Eets, Gravitron 2, Trials 2, I-Fluid and Multiwinia. Almost all of these games sell for $10 each, buying the pack will save you $35.

On you can get the Oddworld pack, consisting of Abe’s Odyssey and Abe’s Exoddus for $17, a 15% savings.

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