Top – 049 It’s Ben Again

Main Topic: Ben the Kramer Gamer: Patient Zero joins us this week filling in for Jonathan with style.  The rest of us get put on the spot with some gaming, tv, and real life questions in a Q&A session.

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Around the Pool Table:

– Watched, The Simpsons in HD, Dollhouse one of the most intriguing documentaries ever, Frontline: Inside the Meltdown.  (
– Played NHL 09, NHL 3v3, and Burnout Paradise.
– Began playing Farcry2 again.
– Bought Burnout: Paradise legendary cars.
– Beat Flower.
– Had fun at TD Gaming Night.
– Watched Dollhouse.
– Finally beat Portal flash game and tried Crimson Skies.
– Benji’s dollar trivia question.

TD Newscast
– Ben talks about stuff.

The Best Music You’ve (probably) Never Heard: Kula Shaker – K

TD Community
– Joe leaves a very revealing comment.
– We learn about the difference between a comment and a trackback.

> – 049 It’s Ben Again

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