UFC 2009 Adds Three More To A Growing Roster

I for one do not know a lot about UFC. To tell the truth all I know is two things, Brock Lenser is a former WWE champion, and Ken Shamrock won King of the Ring and a WWE intercontinental champion, both happening  in 1998.

Ultimate Fighting Champion is Mixed Martial Arts at its best. The fights take place in an eight sided cage called the octagon. Fights are broken down into a technical aspect. Passing guards, shooting legs, etc are common words to hear while watching a UFC fight.

The three lucky fighters that have been added to the roster are Nate Marquardt, Josh Koscheck, and Marcus Davis, all of which are extremely good in the octagon. Each have great records and have earned their spot in the game. While the complete roster offers more noticeable names, these fighters will make their mark by being in the video game.

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