Burnout x3 Trophy Issued Solved in today’s Gamers Video Update

February 21st, 2009


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Some experienced player’s of Burnout Paradise have been experiencing an issue in obtaining the trophy for getting a 3x Boost Chain in the Legendary Car GT Nighthawk. In this video we show you how to copy your game save to a USB, delete said game save, obtain this trophy and then copy back your game save.

Please go slow and take your time in doing so or you may be starting Burnout Paradise all over again!
Over on PS3Evolved a video of the Ryu ga Gotoku 3, or Yakuza 3 to us Americans, was put up highlighting some of the fighting that takes place in this game. So since no one wants to see me in front of the camera I included a couple minutes of that video at the end.

I hope you enjoyed a different flavor of GVU today. Please let us know any comments or feedback at [email protected]

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