No GameHounds this week

We’re really sorry about this. Due to circumstances beyond our control — namely that Tim had prior engagements and Hawkes’ Internet went out – the GameHounds regular podcast just didn’t happen.

On the plus side, that means there’s so much more for next week’s new Humpdate with the official launch of the new format. And let’s not forget that there’s lots more stories for Edie to write about in her web page. You have checked that out, haven’t you?

And, to be honest, Edie’s kinda not in the state to go it alone. If you aren’t following her on Twitter, then you should know that Engineer Kev won an Golden Reel award (let’s just say it’s one step away of the Oscar) for best editing for an animated film for Wall-E. And she’s still celebrating.

So between the three of them there’s barely one decent host. Consider it a favor that there’s no podcast this week.

Sorry. Stick with us, though. Hawkes is holding back his opinions about the latest news (including Mass Effect 2 info), so you’ll want to check that out next week.

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