P*N Question of the Week, Feb 22

After playing some Call of Duty 4 today, I realized that Call of Duty 4 wasn’t just a great online FPS, but to myself it IS THE BEST online FPS out there. Call of Duty’s game lobbies work great, we have a clan/party support, a great ranking system, perks that reward you the more you play and a online experience that is second to none with no lag matches and plenty of game modes to choose from.

And this is why P*N asks this week, what is your top pick for your favorite multiplayer FPS? There are some other great ones out there like Halo 1, GoldenEye, Gears of War Rainbow Six, but personally I don’t think any of these games, no matter how well done they are, compare to the rich experience you get in Call of Duty 4.

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  • Str8Nasty

    Call Of Duty 4 for sure is the best FPS out there..I also like GoW but there are too many glitches and lag in that game and the ranking is whack..

  • As I said in the post above, COD4 is my pick

  • DanteSparda504

    My favorite online FPS is a toss up between Shadowrun and Halo 3….if my friends didn’t play Halo 3 then it wouldn’t be as fun as it is 🙁

  • I wouldn’t go as far to say that COD4 is the best FPS out there. If anything I would have to say that Battlefield: BC is about the best Online FPS that I have played in a long time. Call of duty 4 was the first to make it so that you could shoot through walls, But Dice stepped it up and made it so that you could blow a wall away. I mean yes COD4 is a good FPS with excellent graphics, but it lacks the ability to blow a hole in the wall. In COD4 I always feel safe once i’ve made it into a building, but in BF: BC I really do not feel safe anywhere. Just to know that running and hiding against a wall isn’t going to help really adds to the sense of being in combat. I know COD4 offers more options when it comes to clans, party’s, and game modes. BF may have its problems but I would have to say that dice did a excellent job making a game that really feels like one is in a war. So I agree that COD4’s online experiance is exciting, but in my opinion BF keeps changing and the replay value of it is higher then COD4.

  • I agree COD4 is the best MP game out….i disagree with the guy that claims BF BC is better….ove actually shot people with the shoulder fired rocket and hit they and they run off like nothing happened battlefield BC isnt realistis in its damage AI…COD4 and [email protected] are very realistic especially if you play HARDCORE. I’m hoping the rumors that cod Modern warfare 2 is coming soon cant wait to see what they add to it.

  • I’ve got to go with Halo 3. The biggest reason is that I really like playing multi-player games with people in the same room, and Halo 3 supports split screen LAN, which means that it has been the game I have put the most time into on the multiplayer end of things.

    It is also has rock solid game play, a ton a different modes, and the variety that comes with having vehicles.

    I have played some COD4 online, and some split screen, but not enough to really judge it. However, I really do like the trend they started, which has been picked up on by a lot of other games, including Resistance 2 and the up-coming Killzone 2. I just wish that more games would follow Halo’s lead and allow LAN split screen.

  • Team Fortress 2 for a modern FPS and Day of Defeat for an old school FPS are my personal faves.

    Honorable mention is Counter Strike. Nothing comes close the the community and level of customization that the game allows. It is a game that has truly stood the test of time.

  • CoD4 is the best FPS game out there (until CoD:MW2). you can’t deny the quality they put out there. how many technical issues does CoD4 have? did they have to patch many things if any? from day one this game was golden.

  • COD4 rulez


    By far COD4 is the best FPS! Gears of War is not a FPS for starters, not sure what clan support is in COD4? and the best Overall SHOOTER though, Third or First Person, is SOCOM!

  • Echo307

    Some people are on the fence about Gears of War being considered a FPS, but since Steve mentioned it in the article, I have to assume he’s considering it fair game for this question.

    If we’re talking about technical terms, I would have to agree that Call of Duty is the best. There have been no major issues with hackers, lag is almost non-existent as Steve said, and it gives you constant incentive to keep playing. With that being said, my personal favorite is Gears 2. Gears 2 does have a lot of problems with glitches, and the crowd that plays it is far from welcoming to new players, but Gears gives you a gameplay experience that is totally unique, and unlike any other. The cover system is great, the unique weapons and maps are awesome, and the fact that you know you’re being “watched” after some of your teammates die, provide for a lot of intense matches. The fact that there’s no real ranking system other than the crappy 1-4 system it gives you is a monumental letdown, but for my $60 bucks, it’s still the most fun.

    The great thing about COD that most people don’t realize is how it forces you to play. You take Halo 3 for example; if someone is good at sniping on Halo 3, then they’re going to find that sniper rifle, and that’s all they’ll do. But with the challenge system in COD, if you have any interest in ranking up in a quick manor (and about 95% of the gamers I’ve come across do) then you’re going to have to put that favorite rifle down at some point, and start using something you’re not as comfortable with. This takes the dominance of better players down, and levels the playing field for everyone. It’s something that I think is sometimes overlooked despite it’s pure brilliance, and that’s why so many people still play the game. You don’t have to be a great gamer at shooting games to have a continuous good time, and the number of people that continue to play both 4 and [email protected] is a prime example.

  • Hmmm the best shooter of all time was Team Fortress on the PC and perhaps even Counterstrike. I guess the Half-Life library would actually claim the best series. The amount of mods and depth of each spin-off was always stellar. I’m not sure how many people got to enjoy the Half-Life world, but bar none, it is the best FPS series out there.

    It’s one of the reasons I love Killzone 2 multiplayer. It works almost exactly like Team Fortress did back in the day.

    As far as console FPS goes, my favorite was Halo 1 due to the system linking and pistol action.

    However, the best FPS currently out is COD4. There’s not really much clan support to speak of in my opinion, but as far as getting me to play a game, nothing pulled me into multiplayer like that game did.

    There’s a lot of other games which have better single player and I really haven’t gotten deep into Resistance 2 multiplayer either, but I had the most fun and spent the most time playing COD4 on both my old Xbox 360 and my PS3 when I first got it.

    I’m pretty sure COD4 will be falling off the top next week though.

  • I’d have to go with Halo 3. Call of Duty 4 is good, but when it comes to variety and use of what Xbox Live (I’m going to focus on Xbox Live) is supposed to be it’s Halo 3 hands down. Now, I could easily write a book on this so I’ll try to keep this short.

    Halo 3 has the party system that was brought over from Halo 2 that’s ratcheted up a bit in several ways. While what most will compare, COD 4, it is literally a copy of what Halo had already done, but not done as well when you will consistently get matched up will players that highly out rank you. Throw in the fact that there are no user customized gametypes for the times you don’t want to play gametypes made by the developers, I’d throw my hat at Halo once again.

    Then, there’s this thing called Forge that COD 4 has no concept. Also, branching off of that COD 4 has had one map pack over the course of it’s life. Halo 3 has had 2 plus an additional map for free, with one more map pack on the way soon. Then again, none of what I just said matters, because you’re going to play what you’re going to play. Lots of people will side with COD 4 if only for the fact it isn’t Halo and that’s fine. Being envied for being the most popular game for so long with “the mainstream” can do that. Lets just see what comes next to dethrone COD as its popularity causes its core audience to turn on it just as Medal of Honor experienced prior to Call of Duty from the same developers.

  • WCC5723

    CoD 4 is my top pick, I feel it is just a well rounded multiplayer game all around from the game play to the wait in the lobby. CoD 4 takes my vote.

  • Halo 3. I don’t think you can beat the matchmaking or balanced gameplay. Sure it has issues, but most of those come from the players, not the game.

    I also loved Shadowrun quite a bit. It comes in a close second because of the strategy that the magic brought. Man, I gotta pop that disc in!

  • CoD4 is the best multiplayer online, no doubt.

    But multiplayer in person, that goes to Perfect Dark. Best weapon choices (laptop gun, farsight, no shitty klobb like goldeneye had), bots available, levels were awesome, plus HIGH RESOLUTION 640×480 thank you expansion pack). Honestly, in the same room as the other players as me, not Goldeneye, not any amount of Time Splitters games… nothing compares to Perfect Dark.

    I dare say, if they made CoD4 splitscreen I have no doubts it still wouldn’t beat Perfect Dark in sheer fun factor.

    (online however, CoD4 is the winnar)

  • chipda2nd

    Call of Duty 4, most definitely. The variety in the balanced character creation. The different modes you can play. The graphics. No lag. Best multiplayer game. Single player storyline was full of win as well.

  • COD4 and Halo 2 before all the cheating.

  • mik

    SOCOM 2 is the shooter I’ve had the most fun playing ever. But, to be fair, it had as much to do with the community as it did the game itself. Not to say the game wasn’t great. It was–I love the pace and tension of every round of SOCOM 2. But the fact that I had a dozen friends on every night, we knew our roles, and we took it seriously. It was a grand old time.

  • super_jaggy

    call of duty is, for me, the best FPS so far, i still think something can be made to be better with:maps and game modes not saying that the ones on cod4 are bad just saying there could be some new ones (e.g. like a hostage game online)