Capcom Announces Lost Planet 2

By Jason Wadsworth

Earlier today, Capcom announced the sequel its popular third-person shooter, Lost Planet, via the video linked above which was also released in HD on Xbox LIVE. Producer, Jun Takeuchi, who most recently worked on Resident Evil 5, is attached to the project as producer. In this video announcement, Takeuchi introduces the Lost Planet 2 trailer, which is almost entirely in-game footage. In the trailer, viewers will catch a few of the innovations planned for Lost Planet 2 including, movable cover, new vital suits (the Lost Planet version of mech suits), and new Akrid enemies and bosses.

The trailer is followed by a short Q&A with Lost Planet 2 director Kenji Oguro, who informs fans that Lost Planet 2 will include co-op gameplay.

The game is set after the events of the original game, and its campaign will encompass several points of view in contrast to the singular story of Wayne in the original Lost Planet.

Unfortunately, in his short conclusion, Takeuchi warns that, “We mightn’t have much new information for you for the next little while.” Fans will just have to be content with this trailer until Capcom decides to reveal more about the upcoming title.

Kotaku – Lost Planet 2: The Trailer

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