FIFA Interactive World Cup Giveaway


Your favorite gaming news site, in collaboration with EA Sports, will be giving several copies of FIFA Soccer 09 over the next couple weeks through various means like twitter, or forum giveaways, etc. (Don’t worry, we will always let you know)

Before we announce our first giveaway, let me tell you guys about the FIFA Interactive World Cup.

What is the FIFA Interactive World Cup?

The FIFA Interactive World Cup is the world’s largest football gaming tournament. FIFA, along with its Presenting Partners Electronic Arts (EA) and PlayStation will bring the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2009 to a city or screen near you. Do you have what it takes to pass, dribble and score your way to glory? Would you like to represent your country at the FIFA Interactive World Cup Grand Final 2009? Then this is your chance! The FIWC is an ever growing virtual football tournament that lives up to its reputation as the World’s largest football gaming tournament; with 4,641 players competing at Live Qualifier Events in 20 countries across 6 continents around globe and over 300,000 players from 179 countries taking part in the Online Qualification in FIWC 09. For more information on the Global Tournament, please visit
The FIFA Interactive World Cup 2009 North American Qualifiers

There are two ways to participate in the North American Qualifier of the FIWC 2009 and compete for a place at the global grand final in Barcelona in May. The first route for FIFA Soccer 09 and PLAYSTATION 3 gamers across the US is to compete in an online bracket to challenge for two places in the National Final.

If you’re not online or just want to try your luck face-to-face with hundreds of other gamers you can register and reserve a place to compete in the live Conference Final, or simply turn up on the day, in one of two Conference Finals on the East and West coast of the US.

Be warned though both pre-registered places and walk-up places are on a first-come-first-served basis. For more information, click on the ‘Tournament Structure’ or the ‘How to Register’ link above.


Basically there are two ways where you can join and play. The first being you can register online and participate in an online tournament over the PlayStation 3 network, OR, you can actually play in one of the LIVE conference finals which are taking place in Los Angeles, CA and in Baltimore, MD. If you are interesting in registering or even getting more info in either of those two, click the banner above and it will bring you to the “How to Register” page where there is more information about the event.

Now for the first giveaway!

For your chance to win one copy of Fifa Soccer 09, what team does Ronaldinho play for in Italy? Leave a comment here and one random person will win. And stay tuned throughout the week for some more Fifa Soccer 09 giveaways. The winner will be announced March 6, so you have until March 5 at midnight to enter.

Feb 25 giveaway

It is really simple, all you have to do is post this on twitter and one person will be selected tomorrow at 8am. You must do this though today by midnight pacific time.

RT @Platform_Nation is giving away FIFA 09 (PS3), you must be a P*N follower to win, RT to enter.

Feb 26 giveaway

For today giveaway all you need to do is head to our forums and in the Contest and Giveaway section there is a post titled Fifa Interactive World Cup Giveaway, on that post just reply with your favorite Fifa team. Two random people that do that will win a free copy of Fifa 09 (PS3), you must do that though by midnight, pacific time, this Friday.

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  • Aria Shokoohi

    Ronaldinho plays for AC Milan

  • He definitely plays for A.C. Milan!

  • Jason

    Most definitely A.C. Milan.

  • Ronaldinho = AC Milan


  • Dave

    Ac Milan


    I think it is A.C. Milan and wears number 80 because he was born in 1980!

  • iRoan

    Well, Ronaldinho is currently playing in the AC MILAN, although I really wished he played in Chelsea šŸ™ Oh well.

  • AkmGamer

    He plays for AC Milan in Italy.

  • Syn

    Associazione Calcio Milan

  • ac milan!

  • ac milan!!

  • Ronaldinho is playing at AC Milan!

  • Enter Your Comment

    The slightly goofy one plays for AC Milan.

  • The slightly goofy one plays for AC Milan.

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  • PIG 20

    He plays for A.C. Milan

  • ATC 1982

    AC Milan

  • A.C. Milan

  • AC Milan

  • robert harper

    Ronaldinho plays for Italian Serie A side AC Milan

  • A.C. Milan

  • Canuck102

    Ronaldinho plays for AC Milan.

  • Being a person that doesn’t watch much of the sport, I really I’m not sure which team he plans for, by heart, but I can tell when I google his name it reveals that he plays for AC Milan.

  • AC Milan.