Killzone 2 Web Game

Looking for something to do until Killzone 2 is released, maybe in the way of taking out some Helghast Soldiers?  Well you are in luck.  Sony has opened a website that will allow you to do just that.  The 30 second game will start while you are browsing the web, and when the game is done you go right back to what you where doing on the web.  You can turn the game off at anytime you would like.  The Killzone web game will have  global leaderboards so you can keep track of your stats and you will be able to form squads with up to three friends by either inviting them to your battle or by joining theirs.

The game is quick and fun and I like when you miss a soldier and hit the screen it takes damage.  You can disable the game at anytime and you do have the choice not to even sign in if you don’t want to be bothered.  So why not check it out it is free and it does pass some time.

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