Mass Effect 2 Teaser, Keep Your M.E. Game Saves

By Jason Wadsworth

Fans of the Mass Effect series were shocked this weekend as they watched the teaser trailer for the hotly anticipated Mass Effect 2. This short trailer doesn’t give much information about the game other than to reveal that the status of Commander Sheppard is “killed in action.”

Forums all over were inundated with discussion on this new development. In one such forum, Bioware encouraged players to “Hang on to your Mass Effect 1 saves,” in a response to questions about the ability to transfer save files from the first Mass Effect.

There is no certain information yet as to what purpose the game save files from the original game will serve, but players planning to reembark into the Mass Effect universe should probably hold on to them if they want to find out. – BioWare: Hold onto your Mass Effect game saves

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