What’s Next Bethesda? The Elder Scrolls V Wishlist.


I think it’s safe to say that Bethesda Softworks is at the forefront of Western RPG development. From the early years of Arena and Daggerfall, to the critically acclaimed Morrowind and Oblivion. And with the acquisition of the Fallout license, Fallout 3 is latest and possibly greatest game we’ve seen from the developers.

What fans are waiting for now, and have been since 2006, is the next game in the Elder Scrolls series. A release date is unknown as of yet, but the developer has previously stated that the next Elder Scrolls will be a launch title for the next Xbox console. Whether this is the case or not, we’ll have to wait and see. But for now, let’s look at the pro’s and con’s of previous games, and see what The Elder Scrolls V will possibly, and hopefully bring.

More Customisation

In Oblivion you could customize your character in some detail, but alot of people want more. All people of the same race kind of looked very similar, but I think more in-depth changes will be made available.

Not just character customization, but also the ability to forge your own weapons and armor would be a nice addition. We have seen this is available in Fallout 3, but I think in the next Elder Scrolls the ability to choose design and look of custom weapons and armor will be there as well.

More Varied World Design

If we go back to Morrowind, you will remember one minute you’d be in the swamps of the Bitter Coast, then maybe the lush area of the Ascadian Isles, next roaming the Grazeland plains, perhaps ending up in the desolate baron wastes of Red Mountain. You see, The Elder Scrolls III had much more varied landscapes, adding to the sense of exploration.

I can see this coming back to The Elder Scrolls V, as in Oblivion aside from the snowy mountains all of the areas looked the same. To a keen eye, there are obviously some differences, but many people don’t just want a different texture on the ground, and different tree types. We don’t want a meadow around every corner. We want to feel like we’re traveling a distant land with as much variety in it’s landscape as is in the cultures of Tamriel itself. Fallout 3 isn’t an example of this, obviously, but that’s about context.

Richer A.I. System

From Mass Effect, to Fable II, to Fallout 3, we have seen games are now using much better A.I. in many ways. To improve on Oblivion, we need to look at Fallout 3. The Good/Evil routine will be much more focussed in Elder Scrolls V, making for better NPC interaction depending on the players choices and actions. A.I. will be much less scripted, and more dynamic.

We will have speech choices, and dialogue trees like we’ve seen in Mass Effect and Fallout 3, making for better immersion and a deeper connection between the player and his/her character. We really will be shaping the world around us this time round.

And bring us more voice actors, much more.

Leveling/XP System

A return to Morrowind will suffice for this I think. Fallout 3’s leveling system is Fallout, not the Elder Scrolls, but in Oblivion there were alot of faults. I think we need more varied skills, like Morrowind. Oblivion was dumbed down in that Blade encompassed many different weapon types. I want to see the return on Long Blade, Short Blade etc.

On the subject of leveling is also the world itself. I think after Fallout 3 Bethesda will go back to Morrowind, making the world static, and the character evolving around it; not the other way around. I want to be able to know I can’t handle a certain region of the world yet, go away and train, then come back and kick some ass.


Magic and combat was a vast improvement from Morrowind in some senses, but there are still alot of things that can be improved. The magic fighting system was very well done, but there seemed to be a lack of spell variety. Bethesda will hopefully bring back depth to this.

Combat was also a major improvement, but it became old and “samie” very quickly. Hopefully we’ll see more moves, perhaps even fighting styles depending on the race, height, and skills of your character.

More More More

We want more weapons, more armor, more clothing, more horses, more people; more everything.

We want cities to feel alive, think Assassin’s Creed. I want crowds of people roaming the streets, and to feel the bustle of the Market towns.

Morrowind had a lot more weapons and armor, and different variations of those. Elder Scrolls V will bring a lot more to the table I’m hoping. And what people have wanted for a long time, cloaks. PC players have had MOD’s to add these, but I want to see cloaks and capes in the game itself.

Final Say


If we look at Fallout 3, and the interviews surrounding the game, Bethesda have said they have learned from many of their mistakes with Oblivion. When you play Fallout 3 this is obvious. So I think it’s safe to say that The Elder Scrolls V will be everything we hope it will be. And if they improve on everything that was wrong, we really will be living another life in another world.

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  • how about for the next elder scrolls you are kidnapped and taken away to a new continent far away from Tamriel where you are sold into slavery. This strange place that you are at is under the rule of a cruel emperor. Somehow you free your self from the person who is keeping you captive. There is another slave that is traveling with you but you did not know (until he/she tells you) that they are the rightful heir to the throne and you are trying to restore he/she to the throne and return home to Tamriel.

  • thisoutlawtorn

    yeah that could be cool but its too direct. i agree about maybe being taken to a faraway land, and of course there has to be some kind of epic conflict, but maybe they could make the gameplay more like Assassin’s Creed, and character movement as well… in Oblivion, i didnt feel that the characters feet were planted firmly on the ground when he walked, but in assassins creed there were more realistic more anatomically correct patterns of movement, that would give us a much better sense that we’re in another world.

  • kieran

    I donโ€™t agree with the regions being restricted to high levels. That would mean only strong characters would be able to experience the true game, I want to play the real game straight away.

    • Check you logic.

      Ignoring your shift of meanings between “true” and “real,” it seems like your argument is that adding challenge to certain areas degrades the playing experience of casual gamers.

      That’s, like, super dumb.

      Would you want to play the original Mario and just start at the last world with infinite lives?

      Would you expect to jump to the 9th dungeon in Zelda and go through it with no upgraded sword, 3 hearts, and no ring of protection?

      Would Halo be as much fun if you just rode a scorpion tank down the middle of every map?

      Come on now. Be reasonable.

      Caleb out.

  • Decoy

    If you want them to add pieces from Morrowind in ES5, then why not just play Morrowind instead. ES5 will be it’s own new entity taking the lessons from what they have learned in the past. Not to say that MW wasn’t good (i still play it really
    ) but i don’t think the gaming community would be too happy if s Morrowind clone was released for ES5. So let’s wait to see what happens and voice our concerns about what will go in the game, not what we want to have copy/paste into the next ES game.

  • Andypants

    How about having the opportunity to become not only a vampire in the game, but bring back the werewolf thing as well, just like in Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon? Possibly even having vampire and werewolf clans you could join and become the clan leader of? Yes you could play Morrowind, but things like this could give ES5 a slightly new take on the vampire/werewolf debate.

  • Andreas

    I say, Dragon Age! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • gavin

    I am a big supporter of being able to become a werewolf in ES5 that was one of the really disapointing things for me in oblivion i spent hours following bum tips on secret werewolf den’s, also dont do away with Vamp’s it could make for an awesome side plot of choosing a side wolf or vamp and fighting an underlying war, giving the option to be evil like the black hand did in oblivion. and YES!! more weapons more armour and the abilty to customiz it all!!! i would also like to see the special powerful items detailed in the tamrielic lore book (like the Daedric Crescent Blade) from morowind and oblivion hidden through out the game ( the book could hint at thir last known locations setting you on the quest!! id love the idea of hunting down powerful relics to boost my power

  • Brown

    -More armor and weapon classes (medium armor, long/short blade, spear and separate blunt and axe class)

    -Make hand to hand a more useful skill by adding weapons like claws, katar, and cestus.

    -Sneak attack action sequences like in Prince of Persia Two Thrones

    -More variation in destruction magic. All the spells look the same (give me like a flamethrower type spell and a big fireball. Or an ice shard attack)

    -Bring back hoptoad and levitation

    -NPC should react to being lit aflame or electrified. Cold spells should slow or freeze enemies (awesome for a warhammer battlemage)

    -More character customization (Beards, hair, height, muscle tone, etc)

    -More variation in ranged weapons (Bows, Crossbows, throwing stars/knives javelins, darts.

    -Better hand to hand combat, maybe something along the lines of Condemned Bloodshot type fighting.

    -Dismemberment (If your final killing strike hits a certain body part (Head, arm, leg) it should get amputated like in Fallout 3

  • Brown

    Also eliminate fast travel and bring back the silt strider ports. Fast travel only between cities but not in the wilderness (That’s what horses are for)

  • D.O.

    Better faces and more horse armor… *rolling tumbleweed*… What?

  • Sanzee

    You’re pretty much describing Dragon Age: Origins.

  • noctis

    just let a japanese do the characters modeling and designing please .

  • NormanD

    I’d love to see all the improvements listed but just to add my own improvement to be made I think they need to make the game feel a lot more realistic and visceral. There was a bit of improvement in Fallout 3 but overall Bethesda games still feel like you’re a floating set of hands that is extremely light and everything is right in yourface all the time. I’d love to see more camera movement, a weightier control setup, more viciousness to combat encounters where your limbs move around every way possible rather than just the same way over and over

  • Kakashimazo

    Yeah cant wait 4 this one, but a bit sad about it going to xbox as launch, will the ps3 get it at around the same?

  • theconman

    I would really like to see the werewolves thrown back into es5. I never played morrowind, but i got the pc version of oblivion just to be able to mod, but the mods hardly ever worked!

  • Uppedemoon

    i think it will be fun to use dual wield weapons and more mounts not only horses and pets would be fun too and it would be fun if you come across an stronger creature and then u have to run because its too strong and maybe a really big place

  • meatface

    I reckon they should actually add online features so you can play it with friends

    • Zed

      That would be amazing. Online with Tes V would be revolutionary, but prehaps a little irritating if people are just running around murdering one another, like Red Dead… The online for that was a total flop.

  • Miro

    better Horse animations like in Shadow of the colossus maybe???”best horse system ever in my opinion”

  • actually i think they shold keep Iron, Steel, glass, elven and dwarven weapons/armor because they are so cool! i don’t want them to look like the same like in oblivion, but maybe another kind of texture and model on the armor/weapons and maybe the story will be like they found a NEW septim heir or some shit, but i think that wold be a ripoff :/ but something like that ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Elijah

    Another thing that would be great for the next elder scrolls would be a more veriety of dungeons like the caves they all looked exactly the same almost all of the dungeons in oblivion all looked the same as that type when i first started playing i thought common dungeons respawned different maps. You knew wat to expect from one place to the next. Also a even bigger area to explore would be awesome with more locations then oblivion with many different regions now that wat i want from the next elder scrolls

  • elonca1

    -more creatures eg dragons, new fish, snakes etc

    -new creature levelling system

    -more customization for weapons and armour

    -more playable races

    -varied landscapes and fewer dungeons and caves

    -horse combat and more mounts

    -better spells

    -more variation wihtin NPC’s eg more voice actors, different looks, more people in a city

    -ability to buy pets, start families: quests more like real life, a break from slashing swords and casting spells

    • elonca1

      -oh yeah, werewolves and other creatures to shapeshift into

    • Zed

      seconded, they are great suggestions, particularly more playable races.

  • Erik

    So basically you want in to be like Fallout 3 and Morrowind. As much as I like those games (especially Morrowind) come up with some original suggestions insteading of just wanking over Fallout 3.

  • Thanks for the comment Erik. I’ll stop doing that, when Fallout 3 stops being a great game…

  • Looks like we will find out if Bethesda listened to you guys ๐Ÿ˜‰ 11/11/11 Yihaw!!

  • Best news I’ve heard in years mate ๐Ÿ˜€