The Gamers Pub Interviews 50 Cent.

Recently I got the chance to chat with Hip Hop and Video Game star 50 Cent to get a peel inside his newly released game 50 Cent: Blood in the sand. Here’s what went down.

GUI J: Obviously the story that takes place in 50 Cent: Blood in the sand is a more outlandish plot line compared to the more Urban setting found in 50 Cent: Bulletproof. How did you make sure that the Hip Hop culture was still implemented without mocking or making it seem too over the top for fans of 50?

50 Cent: See… Ya know what I was trying to avoid was, the same conversation that if I dint do what did conceptually when it came time to do the game I would get all these complaints about the game being so aggressive. You get the argument of, how do you know your not going to loose your audience over this, or it comes out like this was way too aggressive? You’re actually in the city and the theme is too possible.

GUI J: But 50 did they allow you (Developers) too see what was going on step by step to insure that there was that level of credibility, as far as you were concerned?

50 Cent: Absolutely! They shipped over storyboards and showed me things as we were progressing and getting things together. This is actually a two and a half year process it didn’t just happen.

GUI J: I know your producing a lot of hot tracks exclusively for this game. We have seen other games such as Grand Theft Auto put their music libraries up for sale Via iTunes, is this something your looking to bring fans of 50 or the game that want to play some 50 outside of the game.

50 Cent: Yeah I’m sure too. That’s something we should actually explore. You just came up with a whole new business mentality; I need to talk to you and THQ. Man, THQ you need to cut me a check baby!! Yeah Id love to put it on iTunes but I don’t really want to put it up for sale at this point. I don’t want any confusion between that and my new album that’s ready to come. You see for this game I had two years to compile music that was up to standard. Meanwhile, I’m already ready to release my new album.

GUI J: Would you say that your experiences out in the Middle East performing for our troops. You talked about how with the Curtis album you wanted to explore the subject of human emotion. While taking this time to write for the game what influences did you pull up? Did you go from past gaming experiences, action movies, and your trips to the Middle East?

50 Cent: Well..My interest in actually warfare was from going over to the Middle east, but when it came time to make the music it was more like me drawing from my imagination at that point and those actually settings, and to say what would still match the audience, I didn’t want to loose the interest that was built in for me being part of the project musically, but being able to go somewhere where I didn’t have to explain myself because it was for the game.
GUI J: Its 50 Cent Blood in the sand, so we know its about you 50, but what about G Unit? Did they have an opportunity to play the game and if so what was their level of involvement?

50 Cent: They really didn’t have much input. They were there for the initial meeting, they did some voice over work as well as performed on a couple records. They also did their green screen photos for their likeness in the game. It’s interesting that Young Buck, like the day we were supposed to shoot the green screen video and photos he thought it would be more exciting to fly to Atlanta to do a feature in a Jeezy video. Which was a bad decision..OBVIOUSLY. But it’s cool that the association to him is not apart of this project, which has been over two years in the making. You see what I’m saying..I think God works in mysterious ways and that’s just an easier process for me to wean my way from this particular artist because he didn’t do it at that time. He didn’t take advantage of this particular project.

GUI J: One of the best parts so far that I have seen and heard about in 50 Cent: Blood in the sand is the ability to do taunts. Who idea was that and what is your favorite taunt? (Let it be known I think 50 misunderstood my is why)

50 Cent: Well I mean there is so many I don’t have a favorite one, I mean I have just adjusted so I enjoy it. Ya know if you don’t look for these situations and they come you adapt to it, like there are some artist that I believe develop a king complex where they feel like they are so big the are no longer part of the culture cause they wont respond. I don’t do that Ill take on whatever artist. I take beef and make cartoons like pimpin curly. Tell your fans to go 50 check out my new pimpin curly cartoon.

GUI J: 50 it’s been great talking to you but before I got I have one last question for you from my friends over at The Video Game Jocks Pod Cast. If 50 cent gets shot into the game can Tony YaYo take the bullets out of you and put them into his 4-5?

50 Cent: Haha..Well I don’t think so? I don’t think we have achieved the ability to do operations and then re-fireing bullets. Ha-ha Like ya know what I mean. That we are gonna need a couple of years to get to.

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