EA Fight Night Rd4 Community Event Recap

The EA Fight Night Round 4 community event without a doubt caught me off guard. I knew EA would show us a great time, but man oh man… EA created an experience I will never forget. Quick recap:

Great food, cold drinks, Fight Night Round 3 refresher, many guys got beat by a particular girl in FNR3, rain, got robbed by a taxi cab driver, looked around the city with the help of Doug for this cab driver, incredible hotel, incredible hotel room, so-so internet connectivity, great breakfast, carpool to Griffins Gym on a shuttle, get our a*** worked out by the gym’s trainer, still working out, Everybody sweating, on the floor, on the punching bag, running laps, getting hit on the face by a girl again………..Shane Mosley and Sergio Mora show up at Griffins gym!!! Yes boxing legend Sugar Shane Mosley and Contender winner Sergio Mora are 4 ft away from me. Flashing lights everywhere, sparring with Mora, back 2 back uppercuts from Poetic on Mora’s face, girl beats on Mora as well, dude gets black eye from Mora, crazy, incredible, sweat, but glorious. Lunch time! Best tasting Cajun chicken sandwich in my life, great chats, Tom Brady look alike, waitresses are killing us, hands smell like sweaty
boxing gloves! EA headquarters, quite possibly greatest place to work, never ending hospitality, dog FIFO is on lunch break, motion capture room, EA store mO DeAl$, more food, more drinks, more Sugar and the Latin Snake, signatures, flashing lights again, and last but not least a taste of Fight Night Round 4……The game is………

I want to give big ups to all the community leaders that attended this event. Dougie stay up G, we almost started drama with a taxi driver while walking 10 miles to a Mcdees, Poetic keep doing your thang back 2 back landed uppercuts on a Pro means you still got it, Mandy I let you win, my hands were soar from the flight, Tyrone I know that waitress was killing you, so show her your card tricks, Thompson bros stay up, you guys understand my sarcastic jokes, and that’s cool! Devin, stop trying to copy my notes, and for the record I’m telling everybody that you drink Smirnoff ice lol, Mando stay up kat I never seen a side pocket on a duffel bag filled with Heineken’s like yours that night lol. Chris Paladino you got beat by a girl, and that’s ok because some other guys did as well, Rich! Hope your arms gets better, keep working on your 200 reviews a day pimp. The gentleman that has Never had Jack in the box, you are missing out on some late night munch after partying like a rock star. Rob, punch the camera a little harder dude lol! Hagen, you must of been extra dehydrated after that workout sir. And everybody else thank you and stay up!

Alain, incredible work sir. You provided an unsurpassed experience that I will not forget.