Married Gamers Review: Minesweeper Flags

by Erik Johnsen

Minesweeper Flags re-introduces you to the addictive classic PC game. In fact you may even still have it on your computer right now.


The game features three single player modes: Classic, Campaign, and Flags which can also be played in a multiplayer mode online.

Classic is rather self-explanatory, it is pretty much the same as you would remember from the old PC style. You do have some different environments to choose from as you unlock those from the campaign mode.


The campaign mode is a journey through the seven continents working your way through different shaped puzzles. The campaign offers little to keep you playing other than the different shaped boards. There is no story to keep you involved and the environments do not change through the different continents you travel across.


The true bread-and-butter of this game, and the real saving grace, is the Flags mode. In this, you play sort of a reverse minesweeper game where you actually want to find the mines instead of avoid them. The flags mode is a turn based game that you can play head to head versus the computer, or against up to three other players online. Instead of igniting the mines, you plant a flag and claim the mine. The one with the most mines wins. It’s pretty simple and is fairly entertaining. During your turn you have a pre-determined amount of time to finish. If you uncover a mine (plant a flag), then your turn continues until either the time runs out, or you just uncover a number.

Ultimately, Minesweeper Flags offers little to keep you coming back for more, unless you like playing the Flags mode against your friends. Beyond that, this game just isn’t that fun.

Married Gamers Report Card: C-

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