No Singing Into Your Lips Mic on Guitar Hero World Tour

Many people own Lips, but only the Guitar Hero World Tour Guitar Bundle. So you would assume that some kind of support would be added to GHWT to make the Lips microphone work with GHWT.


Well, it’s been said that no kind of support is planned to be added for the microphone. Which sucks, because to get the microphone for GHWT, you’d have to buy the whole thing, and what’s the point when you have a classy lips one lying around. Shame on you Activision.

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  • That is crazy, seeing as my Rock Band 1 mic works on Rock Band 2 (360) and American Idol (360) and it is a PS3 mic.

  • Bah!
    It wouldn’t take that much time to come up with a patch to make it compatible… They just don’t want to support it so that more people will buy the ‘official’ world tour mics.
    But then again, Rock Band said they would support the Lips mics… but that was a few months ago now and we’re still waiting for support.