P*N PC News Wrapup for Feb20-28th


-Intel Preparing CPU’s for Ultra-thin laptops
According to DigiTimes Intel is preparing two new processors for small laptops that have low power consumption. Coming in a 1.4 and 1.6ghz they are expected to launch by the end of March.

-Artic Cooling VGA Cooler Review
Todays graphics card run so hot most of the times the stock coolers don’t do enough, and overclocking with them could mean disaster. Artic Cooling’s Accelero Twin Turbo is a aftermarkcet VGA cooler you can put on your Nvidia 8 or 9 series card as well a a combination of ATI cards. Techniz’s review shows the Accelero Twin Turbo does indeed live up to its promise, reducing the temperature of the card 20°C while also lowering the noise level. Retailing for $35 you can see if this cooler will meet your over clocking needs.


-Windows 7 to support .MOV files
TechRadar noticed that one of the changes in Windows 7 is support for .MOV files in Windows Media Player. Most of us will still have to install it with iTunes but this addition makes it a little easier for the computer illiterate to use.

Game News

-ArmA II Screenshots
Codemasters upcoming military simulator will sure impress you with the new batch of screenshots released showing the amazing graphics and realism of the game.

-Quake Live Beta Opens
If you didn’t get into the private beta of Quake Live you can now join in the open beta. Before you can get in the browser-action you have to wait in a que to download the install files needed.

-Last Day of Tabula Rasa
The NCSoft MMO Tabula Rasa is shutting down today and with it having a alien invasion that will mark the end of the game. You can download the client free and participate in the final battle occurring tonight.

Steam Weekend Deal: Capcom’s frozen adventure, Lost Planet is 75% off making it only $5.
GoGamer:  Their 48 hour sale this week includes FEAR 2 for $30 on PC and $50 on 360/Ps3 and Dawn of  War II for $35. Get Unreal and Unreal 2 for $17.

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