Review: American Idol Encore 2

Game: American Idol Encore 2 (360)

Genre: Music 

Developer Konami 

Platforms: xbox 360, PS3, wii

Players 1-2

MSRP: $49.99

ESRB: Everyone 10+

American Idol Encore 2 is a music game developed by konami, in which you sing. It is bundled with a Mic for about $50. It features a fairly large track list, and all of your favorite judges.

American Idol Encore 2 is essentially just the singing portion of  Rock Band as a stand alone game. You choose one of 40 songs to sing, there are also extra downloadable songs. You will be able to sing in 5 different venues ranging from the audition room to a stage with a “live” audience.

You can choose either tournament mode, free play, or duet mode. In tournament mode you basically play through the whole american Idol show in 6-18 songs. You will be critiqued by the judges and you could even be eliminated. In free play you can play any song, at any venue, on any difficulty. The last mode is Duet mode where you can sing with a friend who is using a separate mic (Surprisingly it does support the PS3 Rockband 1 mic), some songs have separate lyrics for each part but 5/8 of them didn’t support different parts.

American Idol Encore 2 did have a lot of fen songs to sing, ranging from YMCA, to Eye of the Tiger. It offered plenty of modes and it was really kind of funny to get critiqued by Simon, and the other judges. Also, the duet mode was really fun to play and it had just enough songs supported that it wasn’t to annoying.No, this is not a PS2 game

Sadly, I have a ton of complaints. Firstly it looks like they made this game for the wii and ported it to the 360, the graphics were terrible. The judges were very generic, and after a while of playing they started to repeat themselves. I would have liked to have been able to create my own character and name them myself, because in the game you are limited to about 15 characters whom are never addressed by name anyways, so why force a name on me.

I really would have liked them to step it up a little bit. It didn’t seem to me like they realized we are now in the “next generation.” I would recommend that unless you are in serious need of a usb mic this game a a definite skip.

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  • Thanks for the review. Based off what you said, it seems like it’s the same as the previous version with different songs. Sucks that they create the same game with different songs and slap the standard expensive retail price on it. Think it would’ve been better to just added the playlist to the marketplace instead.

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  • Watching American Idol gave me the perspective that ther are really lots of talented people out there.”:-