What SEGA Needs for Another Ultimate Collection

With the success of Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection in its first couple weeks of release, I began to think of which other sets of games SEGA could put together on a disc. While the Genesis collection is impressive on these collections for the PS3 and Xbox 360, there is plenty of room for gamers to add either some Saturn or Dreamcast games to their catalog.

I think this time I will look into the past and devise a small wish list of games to what one would want to be on “Sonic’s Ultimate Saturn Collection”.

Although the disc size of the current era may not be able to hold 49 Saturn titles, hopefully it could hold a good 20-25. I will break down 10 they could give us. Most you may recognize–then there are a couple that might be known to less people, more so ones that I want for myself.

1) NIGHTS into Dreams

2) Panzer Dragoon Saga

3) Shining Force 3

4) Guardian Heroes

5) X-Men vs Street Fighter

6) Magic Knight Rayearth

7) Policenauts

8 ) Radiant Silvergun

9) Dragon Force

10) Shining the Holy Ark

Maybe SEGA will see there is still a market for retro games and keep the “Ultimate Collection” train rolling. Slap on the 720p HD graphics to these classic Saturn games, sell it to us for $30-$40 and call it a day.

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