iPhone App Review – Xbox 360 Achievements & PS3 Trophy Guides

Two new apps have been released onto the app store that may be very useful to the people of Platform Nation. These apps are an Xbox 360 Achievement Guide and a PS3 Trophy Guide.


Each application is very similar, but obviously the PS3 Trophy guide will have less trophy’s than the Xbox 360 Guide will have achievements. But either way, the guide gets across the main points, you can search for the game that you want alphabetically and then once you find your game, then it will show you a list and a picture of what the achievement/trophy looks like.

For starters when you go to the main page. You will be introduced to the app, and the button to go to the latest game achievements/trophies will be available to click on. If you don’t feel like going to the newest game and want to look up the achievements for a game that has previously been added, then the best place to go would either be the Retail tab, the XBLA tab or the PSN tab. In these individual tabs you can then click on the letter range that the game is included in, and then scroll down until you find the name of the game that you are looking for the achievements for.


Once selecting the game that you want to look at the trophies for, click inside of it, and then you will get the huge list of the names of the achievements. Once clicking on the individual names, you will be then treated to the full description of how to the get the achievement/trophy.


These 2 applications are good applications on the whole, they get the information across that you need, such as the achievements points, the name and the description, and the applications are very easy to navigate due to the different sections, such as Retail or XBLA. Once problem i have is the fact that you have to be connected to the internet to look at any achievements, i know this isn’t a big problem for iPhone people, but certainly will my iPod Touch I’ve had points where I’ve wanted to access, but haven’t been able too. The achievements and trophies that are on the applications seem to be fully updated from what I’ve seen. I’ve yet to see a new title that it doesn’t have the achievements/trophies for. And because these applications are also free, they are a great addition for any avid gamers device.

To go to the iTunes Store click on these links : Xbox 360 Achievements GuidePS3 Trophy Guide

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  • Just downloaded this app after seeing this article and while it has a great presentation i cant say it will be to useful seeing as it needs a wifi connection (for the ipod touch that is). I hate apps that are just a customized web browser, i want the actual info stored on my ipod.

  • Gemini Ace

    I like apps that streamline a website onto the iPhone.

  • jim
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  • I own an Xbox and a Playstation and both are really good game consoles. Let’s see what are Microsoft’s future updgrades on its Xbox game console.”`*