Criterion Announces Burnout Pradise Toy Car Pack Release

By Jason Wadsworth

3030317022_ca0cd09cbfParadise city is about to get a lot….cuter?

Today on the Criterion Games Network, which you can access both in-game in Burnout Paradise and now online, Criterion announced that their next pack of cars, the Toy Car pack, will be available for download later this week (Thursday, March 5th). The pack will include adorable-ized versions of several familiar Paradise cars including the Carson GT Concept P12, the Krieger Racing WTR, the Hunter Takedown 4×4 and the Hunter Manhattan. Criterion says “there are 9 awesome vehicles in this range,” with four more cars to join the 5 revealed toys.

There isn’t any official word on how differently these cuties will handle from their full-sized siblings, but if anyone has experienced them in online matches they will know they pack more punch than one would expect from such a small package. A price for the Toy Car pack has yet to be mentioned. More images can be found after the jump.

The adorable Toy Carson GT Concept.

The adorable Toy Carson GT Concept.

A speedy little guy. The Toy

A speedy little guy. The Toy Krieger Racing WTR.

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