GameStop To Get Some Competition

Bob Friedland, Senior Public Relations Manager for Toys R Us has stated Toys R Us has started buying used game in a couple of New York stores for store credit.  There is no indication if this pilot program will open up in other states or if even  this will be a permanent thing,  but for now in those selected stores the games to be traded in for store credit must be in the original cases with the case artwork and manual intact, and the disc can’t be cracked (of course)  and no titles rated AO.

Seems Toys R Us wants in on some of the used game business seeing GameStop is looking at taking in $2 billion in revenue this year just in used games.   Pretty smart move on Toys R Us  seeing you will get store credit which might get people in there to trade in some used games and then purchase things in the stores other than video games.   No matter what happens the used game business will continue to grow, but I for one steer away from buying used games from any store, not that I don’t buy used games because I do from people that I know,  it’s just that I don’t like to pay the inflated prices we are charged for the used games.   I would rather see someone I know get the fair value of a game.

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  • Now that a lot of Toys R Us stores have closed i dont know how much impact this will have. I dont even know of a store in my area