Killzone 2 Sells Over 750,000

Preliminary data from VGChartz has stated that Killzone 2 has sold over 750,000 copies since launch day.  This places Killzone 2 third behind GTA IV and Metal Gear Solid 4 in the list of the fastest PS3 sellers.

This is no surprise to me as I did not pre order Killzone 2 and then had to go on an all day search for Killzone 2 this past Saturday.  The first place I stop was Best Buy and the sales clerk laughed when I asked if they had any left,  his response to me was “dude you didn’t pre-order”.   So off to the next stop and what turned out to be 12 more stops and no Killzone 2 I even went to 3 WalMarts and one of the clerks at one of the WalMarts I went to asked what platform I wanted it for (at that point I just turned around and walked away).   I felt defeated why didn’t I pre order, did I  think it wouldn’t sell this fast or was it my thoughts it’s a PS3 title and there is always plenty for the taking.  Well what ever I was thinking I will never again under estimate the sales power of PS3 titles again.

**On the plus side I did finally get my copy Killzone 2 that night at 11:30 pm.**

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  • Alex

    On day one, I drove over to the Gamestop near where I work at around noon, walked in, asked for Killzone 2, and the guy reached back to grab one from a wall that was covered in about 25 copies of the game.

    It’s all about what store you go to, where you live, and how many copies a store is allowed to sell. Best Buy usually won’t be allocated a large number of copies. Your best bet is a place like Gamestop.

  • I’ve been made of fun several times in the past for preordering a game, because most of the time you can find it somewhere on day 1 without a preorder, but why chance it? If it’s something you know you’re going to want to play, why take the risk. I had one friend in particular a few years back that thought it was just ridiculous to preorder a game… well, when Gears of War came out, and no one within a 60 mile radius had an extra copy on the afternoon of launch day, suddenly it wasn’t so ridiculous.

    Anyway, glad you got a copy of it. Fantastic game. Definately the best shooter I’ve played on the PS3, and it easily makes my top 3 shooters list of all time. If the multiplayer can keep my occupied for a couple of months (and I’m thinking it can) then it may very well have a chance to knock Gears 2 off the top spot.

  • TheL1T1G4T0R

    There’s absolutely no shame in pre-ordering a game.

    Think of it this way. You’re guaranteed to get a copy and if you reserve at Walmart or Gamestop, you’ll probably get your copy at midnight.

    I’m definitely enjoying my copy. It’s the best FPS I’ve ever played. I still like Gears of War though. Man…if I could just have those both on this console! LoL

    Keep pre-ordering for those heavy hitting titles. I’m about to pay off my Uncharted 2.