Midway Selling Mortal Kombat Franchise

Midway Games, who we know has been struggling financially lately, has decided to sell off the Mortal Kombat franchise to hopefully bring in some extra revenue to help save the developer from meltdown.

Who could be interested in picking this up? Is the Mortal Kombat series really worth grabbing now?

I don’t think there is much juice left in the old girl, but with another decent developer behind a new project, we could see a new revamp of the series. There are definitely still a lot of fans out there.

Full story at IGN.

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  • I could see EA or Ubisoft picking this up, as their a couple of the only gaming companies doing well right now… but I think they’re probably bright enough to see exactly what you wrote above, there’s not much gas left in the tank. Here’s to hoping they spend their money on a new IP, instead.

  • CasinoPokerGames

    Now with SF4, they need a well planed strategy and proyect to develop and defeat this new challenge

  • Richard Webster (B1gBadDaddy)

    Wow what an idiot. Thanks for pointing it out boss 🙂