Brush Up on Your Halo Lore With Universe Expanded Videos

By Jason Wadsworth


Halo Wars releases today, and with it unfolds a large part of the story about how the epic conflict depicted in the Halo FPS series got started. If you don’t have the game in your hands yet, or if you just want to whet your appetite before you pop the game in, Microsoft has released a series of Universe Expanded video documentaries that discuss the new Halo Wars game, it’s lore, and how it relates to the best selling FPS staring Master Chief.

Act 1 is a primer on the Halo Universe, Act 2 introduces you to some characters and shows what part  Halo Wars plays in the Halo Universe, and Act 3 explores the gameplay of Halo Wars and compares it to that of the FPS series. Take a few minutes, enjoy some Halo lore, and learn a little more about Halo Wars. Check out the videos after the jump.

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