iPhone App of the week: Segment

Game: Segment

Genre: Puzzle

Developer: Resolute 

MSRP: $0.99

Rating: 4+

Segment is a puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod touch developed by Resolute Games. It will only run you 99 cents. It is similar to those old picture slider puzzles, but with a little twist.

In segment you pick any picture you have on you iPhone and the game turns it into a puzzle. The puzzle is divided into 16 squares that you have to slide around to “assemble” the picture. The twist is that every 60 seconds 4 of the 16 squares will switch with each other (a future update will let you  turn this off). In case you don’t have any photos on your iPhone, 4 generic photos are included in the app.

Segment was very addicting, because it was challenging, and simple. It really cool that you could load in your own pictures, it made completing the puzzle that much more “important”. I also really liked that I would get a picture for a trophy if I completed the level fast enough.

Segment actually surprised me with the number of problems it had. Firstly the feature where it would switch some of your squares every so often was really annoying, and I will be glad when I can turn it off. I also wish that the game would save when I went back to the home screen, and pause when the screen is off, without these features it forces you to make the whole puzzle in one sitting. 

Over all segment is a decent game, and for just one dollar you can’t really go wrong. It does have a few problems but the developer seems to be actively supporting it and will hopefully fix these issues in the future. I would recommend this game to people who enjoy puzzle games like Bejeweled, or even sudoku.

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