Fallout 3 Achievements Updated

By Victor Duwon Jackson


Bethesda has updated the achievements for the PC version of Fallout 3. This update is a precursor to the DLC scheduled for release later this month. Remain calm.

The update doesn’t change the game in any way other than the achievements list. Four achievements worth 100 gamerscore are being added.

The Xbox 360 version of the popular game has not yet been updated.

The Pitt will send the Vault Dweller into the ruins of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and involves a morally ambiguous conflict between slaves and their masters.

In addition to the new area, the DLC will feature new perks, achievements, side quests and weapons.

AutoAxeAlso, just like the rest of the game, the new DLC will push players to be introspective and question the choices they make in the game.  New weapons include the AutoAxe: a vicious melee weapon with a serrated rotary blade.

PC and Xbox 360 players can expect to see The Pitt hit the marketplace this month. The cost is 800 Microsoft Points.

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