GTA: Chinatown Wars DLC Extras With Amazon Pre-order

By Jason Wadsworth


Later this month, Rockstar Games will release its next portable iteration of the mature Grand Theft Auto series on the Nintendo DS. Chinatown Wars, which tells a story of crime and corruption within the Triad crime syndicate, surprised many when it was announced last July as a title for Nintendo’s popular portable platform, making it one of the few truly mature titles to be found in the undeniably kid-centric DS library.

Now, setting itself even further apart from other portable games, Chincatown Wars will feature unlockable, downloadable content for those who pre-order the game from Amazon. While the concept of unlockable downloads offered with pre-orders is familiar to most gamers, it’s not often associated with portable titles.

The Bulletproof Infernus, an "indestructable dream ride"

The Bulletproof Infernus, an "indestructable dream ride"

Players who pre-order Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars from Amazon will receive a code packaged with their game and brief instructions on how to download the exclusive content with the DS Wi-Fi capabilities or their personal computer. This code and download will make the Bulletproof Infernus sportscar, an “indestructible dream ride”, available to purchase for $1,200 in the game.

This innovative use of DS connectivity coupled with the recent success of the GTA IV downloadable campaign, The Lost and Damned, certainly shows that Rockstar Games understands some essential things about how the games industry is evolving; and gamers no doubt enjoy the additions to their gaming experience.

Gamestop also has a Chinatown Wars pre-order bonus which offers players who pre-order the game online or in-store a code for $10,000 Liberty City cash and immediate access to the Ammunition Depot.

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