McHalo 3: 1 Billion Served, and Counting

By Victor Duwon Jackson

halo1Do you remember what you were doing 1 trillion seconds ago? Did you have to think about it? Was “Playing Halo 3″ one of the likely activities that came to mind? If so, then you are not alone. Last Saturday evening at 6:36 PM pacific, Bungie clocked its 1 Billionth Halo 3 match. Yes Billion. as in a thousand million. That’s over 1 Trillion seconds of play time. About 64,000 years worth. To put this into perspective, consider that recorded history is only about 4,000 years old.

Halo 2 has sat comfortably atop the original Xbox Live leaderboards since its launch and has yet to produce Halo 3’s numbers (798 million total matches played if you were wondering).

Hats off to Bungie for a job well done.

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