Metal Gear Online Expansion Details

***Update*** SCENE will be available separately for $9.99 and offered as a bundle with the second MGO Expansion pack, MEME, for $14.99 as well as all three expansion packs – GENE, MEME, and SCENE, for just $17.99 on March 17, 2009 via Metal Gear Online’s in-game shop and Konami’s shop. All will be available for purchase using the PlayStation Network Wallet (as well as PayPal, in addition to the previous payment methods). The pre-order period for SCENE starts on March 10, 2009, and will run up until release date. Check out the PlayStation Blog for more details.

TQGame Night Alert*** and Trophy alert***
Metal Gear Online
SCENE Expansion pack lands in March, there will be tons of new content for everybody, whether you just picked up MGS4 or you have owned it. The new features include, new maps, special characters, new gear, and of course a couple surprises. Trophies perhaps?? You will now be able to use Pay-Pal or your PlayStation Network wallet to purchase The SCENE Expansion. Also, on Feb 26 Konami will debut a trailer via the PSN for a deep look in to this expansion. If you pre-order SCENE through Metal Gear Online’s in-game shop or Konami’s shop, there’s a special gift in store. Get hooked up with a “cardboard man” head gear for free!

SCENE will also bring two long awaited, much requested, special characters to MGO – Raiden and Vamp, both with impressive special abilities and offensive power. Yes, you will indeed be able to have a multiplayer battle between Raiden and Vamp. More details coming soon! Keep it locked on the PlayStation Blog for more details.

Maps and Characters

The first new map is Outer Outlet, an all new environment that takes place in a commercial mall area made up of lots of buildings and subterranean areas. Multiple floors with openings onto the areas above and below will offer many unique vantage points from which to stage the action, while the décor will provide plenty of unexpected places to seek cover. It should be ideal for medium to long range battles.

Second is Hazard House, set in a huge three story mansion – a take on the one seen from Act II of the MGS4 single player game. Lots of doors, hallways, and blind corners, will make for intense claustrophobic combat.

Third is Ravaged Riverfront – a take on the Eastern European environment from Act III of the MGS4 single player game – with a large clock tower surrounded by lots of underground and underwater areas. Lots of clear space, perfect for long range attacks.

Trophies Trophies!!! Trophies must be the surprise.