Killzone 2 control fix?

For those of you lucky enough to have Killzone 2 you may have had some issues with the control scheme. Well you should know that the developers are aware. In a fourm post on a Killzone 2 developer said that they are looking into a control fix.


Okay, before I start crying.  


1. We have not decided if we are going to do anything to the controls.  We are investigating.

2. If we change them, we have not said how.  No reason to get upset.  We are not going to turn them on their head.  It would not be sweeping changes.

3. Any potential changes made will be carefully analyzed and tested to ensure they do not negatively affect players who do not experience any issues.


Now can you all take a break and stop making threads about this.  They will not affect change either way.

Seb Downie – Producer – Guerrilla Games


I have only been able to play the demo so far and I didn’t have any problem with the controls after I figured them out. I was wondering if any of you have encountered any issues with the control scheme, and if so what would you like changed?

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  • I’ve made myself learn the control scheme. I don’t like it but I’ve learned it. The only other control issues I’ve had has been some controller lag, not game lag but control lag. It was awful but luckily for me it has only happened once

  • Rodney

    they just said this the other day….
    i hope they do fix the issues i keep meleeing ppl i just cant get use to the controls at all…love the game but its frustrating.

  • Echo307

    I’m in the same boat as Steve, It’s not my preference, but I’ve been playing so much that I’ve got it down. Controller lag? I’ve never heard of such a thing before this. You think that’s a system issue, game issue, or network issue?

  • I have learned to use the controls but it would be nice if you could change the buttons around to where you wanted them to be!!

  • WCC5723

    Changing it now would confuse the crap out of me. I did not like the controls at first but I have learned to make them work and I think the controls is something that separates Killzone 2 from other FPS

  • I have been anxiously awaiting KZ2, and pre ordered it as soon as I could. (I must admit, i am a bit disappointed that the only thing pre-orderers got was a demo that woould be release two days before the game came out, oh well, i still loved it =D)And from the demo, i wasnt a fan of how the controls were set up. I was hopeing that you would eb able to custom map the controls, but you cant. There is a control scheme I like though, so it is a step in a good direction. if they change it, i hope they dont chagne too much.

  • The controller lag is unbearable!! I’ve played so many FPS in the past 8 years or so, and never have I had such a problem picking up a game and excelling at it. The guns buck like I’ve never seen, and just a touch on the stick either doesn’t move it at all – or moves it so much you’re nowhere near an on-target shot. It’s basically rendered the zoom fire useless for me, and I’m stuck with the sub-machine gun just hip firing and meleeing like the other guy said.

    I’ve been anticipating and talking this game up for over a year now…right out the box what have i faced? Massive disappointment that I can barely convince myself to keep playing. Sure…we don’t want a straight up CoD clone…but if something as fundamental as control-ease, if it ain’t broke why even TRY to fix it??

  • I totally agree on the control issues, I think its partly down to the ps3 sticks though as they are more twitchy than the 360’s. I have both systems so not a fanboy, FPS games generally control better with a 360 pad, that said KZ2 does need fix or at least the ability to map out buttons on your own terms, I dont understand how the controls are this bad, i’ve clocked the game and understand its a bit more tactical, however dont bullshit people by saying theres nothing wrong, none of my friends like the controls and looking at the web neither do most other users, lets get real on this an FPS needs to have a quick and accurate control scheme, look at the cod games, reponsive, accurate and funny enough more fun to play, sort it out and this game will truly rock

  • my-cilz

    killzones game controls arent the problem its that you turn too slow and takes forever to throw a grenade by the time you do either your dead so simply put they need to fix the gameplay!