You Can No Longer Hide From NXE

So you have avoided downloading the New Xbox Experience thus far.  Well stop hiding because Microsoft has found a way to get everyone on board  with NXE.  All future games will have the dashboard update included on new game discs and it will be starting up with HAWX.  This really isn’t a case of Microsoft shoving  NXE down your throat, but some games require the updates to play certain games and HAWX is one of them.  This will also prove to be helpful for people not connected to Xbox Live.

“It has always been standard protocol for Microsoft to include the latest version of the Xbox 360 dashboard on game discs,” said a company spokesperson. “This is not unique to the New Xbox Experience update. To enhance platform security, Xbox 360 owners who are not connected to Xbox LIVE will have their consoles updated to the current system software from game discs they purchase at retail.”

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  • Ok, so I’m a little confused by this. I love the NXE, and I can’t see why people would want to hide from it. But, my concern is people that still only have arcade consoles with the smaller memory cards. If games like HAWX have to use something from the NXE, but people don’t have the memory to use NXE, can people not play those games at all?

    You know, now that I think about a little more, MS has made it easy and free for everyone that has an arcade console to get at least a 512 card… so even if you don’t have something big enough to put NXE on, you can get it for free. Guess it’s not really a big deal then.