Watchmen iPhone game

The iPhone game Watchmen: Justice is coming is available now on the iPhone. It is a MMO based in a real-time 3-D world. You will be able to find hidden objects, complete story objectives, level up your character, and even challenge other players to battle in a “dynamic strategy fighting game.” You will even be able to create your own Watchmen avatar, and you get all of this for just $0.99. 


  • Rich real-time 3D environments with thousands of other player-characters in-game
  • Create your own WATCHMEN avatar with unique look, skills, and costumes
  • Battle online foes through strategic 3D combat engine
  • Socialize with other online characters with in-game chat feature
  • Unique player identity with persistent game-play progress and stats
  • Adventure through 5 vast environments completing story objectives (Downtown, Red Light District, Cemetery, Financial District, City Park)

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