Mr. Matt’s Album of the Week #32

Blur – Leisure

0018-blurleisure_bIn the late 80’s and early 90’s bands like the Stone Roses ruled the music scene in England.  Because of that there were a multitude of bands that followed the musical path of the Roses.  One of the more successful bands to do so was Blur, who later in their career would be one of the world’s biggest bands.  At times they even rivaled Oasis.  In 1991 they released their debut album Leisure.  Featuring swirling guitars and the wry lyrics of Damon Albarn.   Though when it was released it wasn’t as well received as their later albums I believe that it is a standout album from the baggy era.

Group Members

Damon Albarn
Graham Coxon
Alex James
Dave Rowntree

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There’s No Other Way


She’s So High

Bad Day

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