5 Reasons to Be Excited About Sacred II: Fallen Angel


On a regular basis, I glance over at my game shelve and remind myself to move on and not re-install Diablo II. Oh, the joy the game brought me. Hours and hours of random generated dungeons to loot endlessly and …. and….

It’s funny when I look back at Diablo II; how shallow the game really is when looking past the Blizzard shine and aesthetics. That statement isn’t in any way putting down the game – I love it – but merely, me just expressing honest opinion.

Sacred II is supposed to be a “Diablo-clone”. A clone which plays in an open-world “sandbox” with little to no limitations on where you go and what you do. A clone, that when looked at in the right light, isn’t a clone at all. If anything can be said about these two games, it’s this; Sacred II is more like Diablo’s combat in Baldur’s Gates’ game play….and that makes me SUPER excited.


Here are 5 reasons you too should be excited about Sacred II.

Mounts: Although mounts aren’t new to RPGs, the way they are implemented in Sacred II adds an extra level of strategy; they’re more of a party member than some animal you ride around on to speed up the process of traveling across the country-side. Did I also mention there’s a bunch of different mounts and they’re really cool?

Open-World “Sandbox”: Much like Bethesda games, Sacred II drops you into its universe and lets you do as you wish. The landscape is ever-long and seems to contain hundreds of hours of world to explore. Diablo didn’t have an open world, did it? J

Hacking & Slashing: While some may find this game play mechanic boring, I am eager to mindlessly hack things to bits. H&S games tend to rely more on the strategy you built your character around and what your character’s main attack and defense focus’ are.

First of its kind on X360: There isn’t another game out on the console that is going to be the type of Action-RPG that Sacred II is. Fable II is much lighter on the RPG elements and more casual. Sacred II is a “core” RPG fans dream until we see Diablo III.

Drop-in/out CO-OP: Co-op has rooted itself back into gaming, and is only going to make games more fun to play. Giving Sacred a co-op experience will soothe the sores of those who were excited for Fable II co-op and were left disappointed. 4v4 PvP and 8 player raids are exactly what X360 RPG gamers need.

I could have talked about the great visuals, 6 character classes to chose from, the ability to alter their alignment either light or dark, and the 500 some-odd missions the game contains – but I’m sure your already calling your local GameStop and putting in a Pre-order; aren’t you?


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