BAFTA Award Winner List

For those who might not know, over in the U.K. we have our very own version of the Oscars, known as the BAFTAs (British Academy of Film and Television Arts). Last night was the Video Game BAFTA awards, and there were some surprising winners. Here is a full list of winners.

Gameplay: Call of Duty 4
Casual: Boom Blox
Sports: Race Driver: Grid
Story and Character: Call of Duty 4
Strategy: Civilisation Revolution
Best use of Audio: Dead Space
New Talent: Boro Toro
Multiplayer: Left 4 Dead
Best Technical Achievement: Spore
Original Score: Dead Space
Handheld: Professor Layton and the Curious Village
People’s Choice: Call of Duty 4
Artistic Achievement: LittleBigPlanet
Best Action and Adventure: Fable II
Best Game: Super Mario Galaxy

I was a little surprised by some of the winners, namely Mario Galaxy scooping Best Game, when it was up against giants like GTA IV, Fallout 3, and Call of Duty 4.

Also, Nolan Bushnell, one of the founding fathers of the video games industry received the Fellowship at this year’s GAME British Academy Video Games Awards. He was the guy who designed Pong.

For a full list of winners, including nominees, Click Here.

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