Bioshock 2 Teaser Website Breaks the Waves

By Victor Duwon Jackson


A strange new teaser site has surfaced (sorry, couldn’t help it) this week. The site is The content, as you may have guessed is Bioshock 2.

Fans of the series have waited anxiously for any news related to the upcoming sequel to 2007 VGA Game of The Year. However, publisher 2K Games seems intent on making those fans suffer through the months ahead.

The new site features some tantalizing images and fragments relating to the new game, but offer no images of game play or plot lines. It is an interesting visit and brings back fond (and frightening) memories to fans of the first game.

The original Bioshock was published in 2007 by 2K Boston/2K Australia (formerly Irrational Games). The game was set in an alternate history during the mid 20th century. The game’s themes and plot borrowed from Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged novel in its depiction of the self-determination of man. The setting is the underwater city of Rapture, and features elements of survival horror,  first-person gunplay, and role-playing. Bioshock would go on to win several awards including the Spike TV Video Game Awards Game of the Year.

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