Castle Crashers Developer Teases New Game

By Jason Wadsworth


The Behemoth, developers of beautifully animated games like Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers, are getting ready to release the first trailer for their newest title currently in development. To satiate rabid fans until the trailer debuts on March 18th however, Behemoth deigned to show us the above image of the game on their development blog.

From the looks of it, our guess is that the game takes place in an alternate reality where square-headed pilgrims cross the ocean in search of a land filled with ridiculously large emeralds only to meet the native robot inhabitants and forge fleeting friendships with them, thus creating an emerald themed and exceedingly mechanized version of Thanksgiving for the cranially cubed.

Barring this spot on analysis, we join those excited to learn more about this upcoming Behemoth project when the trailer is released on the Behemoth Development Blog later this month.

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