Flower (PS3) TQ Review

Flower is the game you will end up calling “My Baby”. It’s so beautiful that you will want to start it up just to look at it. Having trophies is not even a big deal with this game…OK maybe it is, but if Flower was trophy-less, it would still be a blessed experience. OK Flower’s pollen is crack! A beauteous addiction.

Controls: Flower’s controls are very simple and precise using the SIXAXIS and any 1 button. Tilt up if you want to go up, tilt down to go down and so on. You may choose to use any button as your second controller that speeds up your petal stream, I used X. One thing that you will notice is that Flower has no on-screen instructions, other than the beginning which shows that it is based on the SIXAXIS. I’m almost 100% sure that this game has the best SIXAXIS controls for the PS3. Another thing, make sure to use a DUALSHOCK3 as it kicks in every now and then.

Graphics: Eye Candy is the best word to describe how this game looks, the game is beautiful and that’s pretty much all that is needed to say.

Sound: The music in Flower is composed by pianos, violins, guitars and many other classical instruments. The music is perfect for this game; it makes the player be in a peaceful and relaxing mood.

Replay Value/Story: It’s difficult to say what the story line of Flower is, it is something you have to judge for yourself because there really isn’t one. You start as a flower and reminisce on what being a flower is. Each flower/level has a different environment with more beautiful scenery then others. After having this game for several weeks and having passed it already, I still keep coming back to it because of its uniqueness, beautiful looks and excellent music.

Wishes or Changes: The game was rather short; I would wish that it could be longer.

TQ bottom line Michela Rating: The perfect getaway from shooters and typical games with beautiful music and gorgeous graphics. With a price tag of $9.99, Flower is definitely a must pick up from the PSN Store

4 out 5 Michelas

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