Sacred II Excitement = Free Prize Giveaway!


So your as excited about Sacred II as I am, you say? Well, post about it and Platform Nation will give you a chance to win a 32” Flat Screen, PS3, and a copy of Sacred 2!

No, I’m not pulling your chain.

All you have to do to enter P*N into the giveaway is write a post on the Platform Nation forums and send a copy of the post via e-mail to [email protected]. You get +3 Luck for mentioning the IGN forums topic – in case you care about the luck stat.

If you are a member of the IGN forums, mention Platform Nation in the signature or body to be counted as an entry. Giveaway ends March 23rd, so we should really start writing about Sacred II. A random winner will be drawn by Rocket XL

Put up some posts and give Platform Nation the chance to give you a 32” Flat Screen, PS3, and a copy of Sacred 2!

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  • ATC 1982

    Congratulations to who ever won this great prize. Even if the game was delayed.